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Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review

Third-person shooter Zombie Army 4: Dead War lets you and up to three pals take on swarms of zombies as you battle your way from safe room to safe room.

When I was a kid and learning how to play shooters, Nazis and zombies were the most acceptable foes. There were no protests when Nazis were shot back then (and, in truth, only Nazis believe it is now), and because zombies have no supporters, no one complains when they are dismembered. This is why the lack of Nazis and zombies outside of Call of Duty was surprising to me. The Nazi+zombie combo was perfected by a spin-off from the Sniper Elite series—Rebellion has nailed it.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Sniper Elite 4

There’s no better way, to sum up, Zombie Army 4: Dead War than to say it’s a love child of Left 4 Dead and Sniper Elite. Third-person shooter Zombie Army 4: Dead War lets you and up to three pals take on swarms of zombies as you battle your way from safe room to safe room. Sniper Elite is a series of third-person stealth and action games that you may not be acquainted with. A Nazi Zombie Army and a Nazi Zombie Army 2 are the first two games in the Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombies Army series. A campy approach to gameplay was used in both of these games, which made the player feel like they were strolling through an actual haunted house as much as they were playing an action game. Rebalancing, a newer engine, more monsters, and more levels were added to the previous two Nazi Zombie Army games to create the Zombie Trilogy. Zombie Army 4 is a continuation of that collection. Zombie Army 4 adds a dash of Strange Brigade to their zombie-killing mix. Unknown to many, Strange Brigade is a co-op action shooter with horror themes developed for Rebellion 4 that emphasizes the game’s arcade roots. Zombie Army 4 is a logical continuation of the Zombie Army Trilogy, and it packs in more material than any of the other games combined, all while being quicker and more action-oriented. It’s a great time to start reading the book series.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Sniper Elite 4

Zombies have taken over the globe. He implemented “Plan Z” after the Second World War ended, and the German troops were transformed into an unrecognizable undead zombie army. Occultists are keeping the Nazi zombie fantasy alive, and you must travel throughout Europe (and beyond) to stop them. It’s a full-fledged Dead War, as the opening cinematic indicates. What to anticipate if you’re acquainted with the earlier games in the series, or with Sniper Elite. A long-standing pet peeve of mine is the prevalence of “long-range” photos taken from a third-person perspective at distances of less than a mile. Sniper Elite-style gameplay works best for me when I’m facing down swarms of undead, and utilizing my rifle to take out zombie snipers and other types of undead in the Zombie Army series.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Sniper Elite 4

I enjoyed Left 4 Dead, but I’ve always wanted to play a zombie game with shambling, sluggish zombies like those in the movie. In the Zombie Army series, the slow-dead are punctuated by a few unique zombies. The zombies in Zombie Army 4 aren’t like those in Left 4 Dead or other similar games in that they don’t grab or drag you away from your squad; instead, they operate as mini-bosses that you must quickly fight. Bullet sponges hold particularly heavy weaponry (which you may remove from their bodies to help even the odd) while commanders raise and dispatch hordes of the dead or even send zombies bursting in your direction as a means of defense.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Sniper Elite 4

Players familiar with prior Zombie Army games will find that there have been as many changes as there have been. Many enemies from earlier games are still there, but they’ve been given an aesthetic makeover or have taken on whole new forms. The skeleton is gone, but other zombie varieties like the one that spits a sluggish ooze have appeared to fill the void.

These zombies need the use of weaponry. Because of the continuing Dead War, the weaponry you’ll find in Zombie Army 4 is state-of-the-art. Even hefty weaponry has been made…heavier. Guns have been designed to burn and electrocute. Explosives like grenades and trip mines are back, but some have been tinkered with such that they attract zombies and heal friends at the same time. Explosives are a great technique to get rid of zombies since they can be used to set up traps for approaching hordes or to strike the correct environmental trap at the right time to wipe out large numbers of zombies at once. It’s possible to summon an undead shark, or even huge propellers, to eat zombies. All guns (excluding heavy weapons) in Zombie Army 4 have an elemental effect that increases damage against foes and can even heal team members. Each weapon may be upgraded using upgrade kits that you acquire or earn as you travel through the game. There is a weapon challenge if your weapon is improved to its full potential, which will give you an even greater advantage.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Zombie Army Trilogy

Not just the weapons themselves may be upgraded. Leveling up is a natural consequence of playing. Depending on your level, you’ll be able to modify items, grenades, and your perks. If you’re looking to complete the game, you may expect to see plenty of zombie blood in your future, since there are a lot of them. There are a variety of advantages to be had by completing certain tasks, many of which are inherent to the game’s design—but others require a little of extra effort. It is possible to assign perks to your character to increase grenade damage, stamina recovery, and health. Defensive, offensive, and support perks all feature a variety of beneficial advantages, such as the ability to pull oneself up from a coma after a kill or the ability to heal allies with holy weapons.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Zombie Army Trilogy

As long as you can go from point A to point B, the level design in Zombie Army 4 is excellent. Some earlier weapon improvements may even be hidden for those who are willing to search for them. There are several stunning set pieces, such as in Venice, where zombies stream from the roofs onto your boat as you sail down the canal. After completing the narrative, you may take on progressively difficult waves of zombies in the game’s horde mode. Instead of using the firearms you’ve progressed through the campaign with, you’ll be granted weapons to battle the ever-larger and more threatening waves. I enjoy a task that can be accomplished and not only for the “highest score,” even if it isn’t unending. The difficulty levels for both the main campaign and the horde modes in Zombie Army 4 may be adjusted to suit your preferences. Friendly fire and even how many zombies spawn may be adjusted. It’s not nearly as broad as the Sniper Elite games’ customization possibilities, but there are still a lot of options.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Zombie Army Trilogy

There are microtransactions in Zombie Army 4, including cosmetic things, but they also sell weapons and at least one character. For the time being, they are only available as part of the season pass DLC, but the weapons themselves might be problematic. As far as I know, they are not enhancements, but that’s not something that most people like. In the end, I’m still undecided, since studios must make money and I’ll gladly support those who provide games I want to play.

This new Zombie Army game’s music, particularly with the return of Nick Brewer from the previous Zombie Army Trilogy, was one of my most anticipated aspects. John Carpenter would have approved of the original two games’ throwback 80s sounding soundtrack. Rather than guaranteeing a long slogging death, the soundtrack of Zombie Army 4 has a more upbeat tone that propels the action ahead. This seems to be more in keeping with the overall theme of the new game.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Zombie Army Trilogy

Sniper Elite fans will be pleased to hear that the slow-motion bullet cam is back. Even if you don’t like the Sniper Elite series’ over-the-top bone-crunching, Dead Army has you covered. Bone cracking and gooey gore may be seen when zombies are injured or killed. No worries, they’re already gone.

Just the appropriate amount of campiness balances out Zombie Army 4: Dead War’s overtly gruesome, violent, and bloody gameplay. It’s also a lot of fun, even more so with friends, since it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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