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When Minecraft announces the addition of mud and frogs, fans shout in celebration.

The announcement was made during this year's MinecraftLive event, which also included information on new Dungeons and other content.

There has been dirt and water in Minecraft for as long as the game has existed. However, there is no mud. Alternatively, frogs. However, when Minecraft’s next major update is released in the next year, everything will be different. It includes new wetlands, mud blocks, frogs, boats with chests, and other new features. Fans are completely out of their minds about it all.

This year’s MinecraftLive came to a close earlier today, and like in previous years, the event was jam-packed with information on upcoming Minecraft upgrades and features. And, despite the fact that a lot of new content has been released, frogs and dirt are by far the most popular topics among fans at the moment. All of this enthusiasm, despite the fact that none of this material will really be available in Minecraft until the impending “Wild Update” in 2022.

Mud in Minecraft behaves quite similarly to mud in real life. When you mix soil and water, you get mud, as simple as that. Swampy biomes will also have naturally occurring mud, which players will be able to discover. If you make or locate a mud block and set it someplace dry and exposed to the sun, it will ultimately dry up and turn into clay, just like clay. You may also mix in sand and wheat to the mud block to form clay bricks, which can be used to construct structures such as houses and castles or to construct whatever else you can think of out of dried mud.

Frogs and tadpoles will be making the jump to Minecraft in the next year as well. The frogs look fantastic, with a particularly pleasing impression created by their neck expanding as they croak. I’m assuming that mud and frogs may be found in close proximity. What a wonderful planet!

Much more information was revealed today during the event, which you can find more about by clicking on this link. However, if you look at Twitter, you’ll see that it’s largely just a bunch of people collectively freaking out about mud blocks and frogs. A lot of this seems to be connected to certain community gags involving a notable YouTuber, as well as an (infamously) bad Minecraft “review” written by former Cinemassacre/Angry Video Game Nerd writer Mike Matei, which used “brown bricks” and was posted on Reddit. It’s a really bizarre situation.

Apart from that, though, I believe that mud would be an excellent new construction element to include in Minecraft. It seems as if it should have been included in the game from the beginning. As a result, it took around a decade. Based on the response of the community, it was well worth the wait, if only for the amusing memes that ensued.

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