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Top 5 best PC games to play in 2021

It's the year 2021, so why not rank the best PC games ever made? Here is a list of some of the best games ever made on PC

BioShock - BioShock Infinite
Best PC Games

The year 2021 has been an incredible year for gaming, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than by rating the best PC games of all time. With a mix of current and classic games, this list covers a variety of genres and showcases some of the greatest titles ever created.

PC gaming is characterized by its capacity to provide the most visually intensive and immersive experiences available. Each year brings fresh and interesting releases, and 2021 was no exception, with one game even reaching our list.

Which, however, are the greatest? Consider the finest PC games to play in 2021.

Best PC games to play in 2021

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Best PC Games – 2021

Skyrim is a game that is just not going away. The RPG has been released on almost every platform on Earth and has spanned several console generations, but it has found a home on the PC.

Since its inception, the Elder Scrolls brand has undoubtedly defined PC gaming, a series filled with great titles, but Skyrim stands above them all. TES5 is the most grandiose film in the series in terms of production and setpieces. Multiple playthroughs are needed to view every inch of the game’s environment, using a variety of weaponry and speech options to achieve a variety of results.

Memes inspired by the game, such as “I Took an Arrow in the Knee” and the famous cry “Fus Ro Dah!” have ensured the title’s longevity far beyond its 2011 release. Skyrim has stood the test of time and continues to offer one of the most amazing experiences available in its genre on PC.

4. Grand Theft Auto 5 | Best PC Games – 2021

Grand Theft Auto 5, which was published in 2013, is more relevant than ever. No game has been able to match its wild, crass narrative and gameplay in one of the most expansive and complex open-world landscapes ever created since its debut.

Much of its significance stems from its ever-evolving GTA Online, which has received free new upgrades for the last seven years since its release.

GTA 5 is the undisputed monarch of the action-adventure genre and has unquestionably become the most popular installment in the illustrious series. With a release for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S scheduled for 2022, the best location to play it is still on PC. Although the series has a slew of must-have titles, Rockstar’s most popular title surpasses them all as the genre’s finest.

 3. Portal 2 | Best PC Games – 2021

Portal 2, published in 2011, has stood the test of time as one of the greatest puzzle-solving games of all time. Portal 2 remains one of the most innovative and amusing games of all time, and although its platform equivalents are excellent, Valve games will always have a place on PC.

Two-player co-op is one of the game’s greatest aspects, as two players must collaborate to position their portals precisely in order to complete progressively tough puzzles.

While the first Portal is an excellent experience, Portal 2 improves on every aspect of the original, including scope, character design, and more complex brainteasers to solve. It’s a game that you really should not miss, and one that every PC player should enjoy.

 2. BioShock | Best PC Games – 2021

The original BioShock is one of the most significant games ever created. It was developed by the now-defunct Irrational Games company. Released in 2007 during the Xbox 360’s formative years, BioShock introduced a sophisticated and grim story to a broad audience and, as financial success, revolutionized what triple-A games might be.

The gameplay is frightening yet thrilling, with players destroying the game’s famous adversaries the Big Daddy and Splicers using a combination of gunfights and plasmids ranging from electricity to real mind control. Exploring Rapture is a frightening experience, complete with heart-wrenching sound effects and visual realism. Your trip through the city-under-the-sea is characterized by the morality mechanism, which ultimately determines the outcome.

Both BioShock 2 and Infinite are excellent additions in the series, but none compare to the original’s epic narrative, gameplay, and primary antagonist, Ayn Rand.

1. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut | Best PC Game – 2021

Disco Elysium is a detective role-playing game heavily influenced by classic pen-and-paper RPGs. The game has a painted-type visual style and is brimming with charm, with over 95% of it being spoken to bring it to life.

Choosing which kind of policeman to be is a pleasure, and the game generates more bizarre results as you explore.

The game was initially published in 2019, then an expanded version dubbed The Final Cut was released in 2021. The Final Cut is available for free to anyone who buys the original.

It is the first title from UK-based creators ZA/UM, who immediately produced one of the greatest PC games of all time.

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