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PlayStation 5 Controller Will Be Available Next Month

There will be a new PS5 controller, but it won't be from Sony. Sony abandoned the DualShock for the PlayStation 5 in favor of the DualSense.

This Christmas season, a new PlayStation 5 controller will be available, but it will not be from Sony. In favor of the DualSense, which is a rather high-tech controller, Sony discarded the DualShock for the PlayStation 5. However, it is not the best controller for competitive gaming, nor is it the best controller for any other kind of gaming. Unfortunately, PlayStation still does not have a comparable controller to the Xbox Elite Controller, which is available for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. This might change over the Christmas season, though.

SCUF, a company that specializes in performance controllers, said on Twitter that their next-generation controller for the PlayStation 5 would be available somewhere around the middle of November. Although we have a release window for the controller, we do not yet have a precise release date or price information for the device, which is unfortunate.

“We’ve heard you and feel your frustration, and you should know that your enthusiasm for gaming and SCUF is a driving force for us,” said SCUF. “SCUF was not immune to the challenges that have been felt across the entire gaming industry. Due to compounding effects caused by supply chain bottlenecks, we had to push back the summer launch of the PS5 SCUF to mid-November. Thank you for supporting our team as we approach these hurdles together! Stay tuned for more information next month on how you can get your hands on the latest next-gen SCUF for PS5.”

As is customary, we will update this article as and if further information becomes available. To read more about everything PlayStation 5 — including the latest news, rumors, leaks, speculation, and discounts — please visit this page. Alternatively, you may check out the pertinent and current links mentioned just below

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