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Path of Exile Review 2021

Path of Exile was the #1 free game on Steam until Destiny 2's release. Ever-evolving content, annual leagues, and comprehensive character customization possibilities have made it an industry leader.

Is POE in 2021 still relevant? In this Path of Exile 2021 review, we’ll tell you whether the game is still worth playing in 2021. In a nutshell, yes, assuming you don’t mind a little complication.

GGG designed Path of Exile to be everything Diablo III should have been. However, both games have evolved and developed significantly since their initial releases. Even yet, marketing itself as a “Diablo II fan-made” successor was enough to get this independent game off the ground.

PoE is a hack-and-slash RPG that evolves year after year. It included three acts at launch, additional en-game maps, for a total of 30 hours of gameplay. It now features 10 acts and a limitless number of post-game activities.

The game, on the other hand, is always changing and increasing. Developers introduce a “League” every three, six, and twelve months, a concept that other games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Destiny have adopted.


Leagues in Path of Exile include unique systems, challenges, prizes, and treasure. You may always start a character on a league, and there are no classes to worry about. When the league is over, your character returns to the regular league.

The devs will next decide whether or not to include the new league mechanics into the main game. Grinding Gear Games also releases substantial expansions every two years or so. Path of Exile 2 is the sequel to Path of Exile, which introduced four more acts to the game.

In 2019, one of the most significant PoE additions was the game’s release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You may play alone or in a co-op mode.

It makes no difference what happens in the story. It has something to do with an Exile using fire, swords, and explosives to combat hordes of demons. Despite its grim fantasy background, it is thrilling.

You have the option of playing alone or in a co-op mode. As I previously said, there are 10 acts in all, each with around six tasks. You have at least 100 hours of solo experience with comprehensive character and skill customization choices, crafting systems, an enormous treasure.

You may also join a co-op. The fact that you can play the whole tale with up to four pals is the game’s biggest feature. You may also collaborate on particular maps with other team members. The more individuals you bring with you, the more difficult your opponents will be.

Path of Exile - Action role-playing game

Challenge other players

Seasons of PvP tournaments, battles, and Capture the Flag events are all held across the globe. Furthermore, Race Evens and Daily Leagues operate in their own gaming universes. These elements include ladders, economies, and awards.

The ability to unlock and personalize your hideaway is another co-op element. Your exile obtains a unique place that serves as a center for creating items, testing abilities, and storing treasure once you complete particular special tasks. Others may join you in your hideaway to talk, trade, and access end-game goodies.

poe 2021 review

Is 2021 a suitable year to start playing PoE?

PoE has grown into the world’s most complicated slasher RPG in its seven years of existence. Its many mechanics may be overwhelming, particularly given the lack of instructional parts.

Starting again, as unpleasant as it may be, is quite simple. You choose from a variety of “Exiles” (Duelist, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Marauder, Shadow, or Sciom) and click your way to victory.

Each character begins at a distinct skill three-level. That means that from the start, each player has access to a variety of stats and passive perks. The Witch, for example, may use passive nods to increase spell damage, mana, or mana regeneration. The choices are unlimited when you add in the chance of acquiring an “Ascendancy,” a mid-game character specialty.

It also means you may customize your persona to your heart’s content. You may continue through the passive skill tree as much as you want and end up with an ice-cold wand-wielding ranger.

Path of Exile - Grinding Gear Games

Learning path is enjoyable

It is, however, a really difficult game. Halfway through the game, your character may either rule or be a complete mess. Before you start from scratch, I recommend that you read a few instructions.

Consider that each league brings new talents, changes to the game’s balance, and new rewards. As a result, the structures continue to evolve. Right now, overpowered 2019 builds may be a thing of the past.

You could also wait for Path of Exile 2 to be out. It seems to be a kinder, more polished version of what we now have. It has a terrific graphics makeover, for example.

Despite this, PoE 2 isn’t a sequel. It’s more of an update and expansion. When it gets online on Steam, you’ll be able to download it for free. In particular, PoE 2’s 4.0 version represents a significant update.

Surprisingly, the patch also includes a wonderful new single-player/co-op campaign. You would be able to choose which campaign to participate in (the original or the new one).

Path of Exile - Action role-playing game

Review of Path of Exile: The Last Word

Path of Exile was the most popular free game on Steam until Destiny 2’s free edition was launched. Despite this, with its ever-evolving content, annual leagues, and extensive character customization choices, PoE has remained a top game in the market.

It has everything RPG enthusiasts need to get enamored with it. This game is, if anything, dangerously engaging. Remember to check in on your bedroom every now and again while you’re sleeping.

Finally, on PoE, there are no money barriers. Everyone gets a free copy of every new expansion, league, and patch they release. There is just no other game on the list that offers the same benefits.

Path of Exile - Path of Exile 2
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