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Notorious REvil hackers’ payment portal and data leak blog hacked

It has been revealed that REvil, the group reportedly responsible for some of the most dangerous attacks on the United States presidential transition, has been hacked once again.

Hackers being hacked, whether as a result of a mutiny or a government takedown, is a gain for the whole business.

It seems that the rampant hacker gang REvil, which is known for deploying ransomware to blackmail corporations out of millions of dollars and selling data on the dark web when it doesn’t get its way, has gone quiet after getting some kind of punishment.

According to sources (via Tech Crunch), the organization’s Tor payment gateway and data leak blog has been hacked, thereby rendering the group crippled and devoid of a functioning platform.

According to a recent post from one of the threat actors linked with REvil, 0 day, the assault not only brought down the ‘Happy Blog,’ but it also erased the route to the Tor service configuration files, replacing it with a malicious one in order to catch the perpetrators off guard.

For some time before the blackout, the United States government had been criticizing REvil for its misbehavior. Only recently, the organization attacked the computer giant Acer, aiming to extract around $100 million from the corporation, and there is no end in sight to the group’s extensive list of victims.

As a result of REvil’s criminal activities, Apple supplier Quanta Computer as well as hundreds of enterprises who use Kaseya IT management products have been impacted.

It is unclear who was responsible for the assault on the organization, or if it was a retaliatory hack or a preemptive takedown by the government on its own initiative. At this time, we can only assume, but according to a story from The Washington Post, the government was able to secure a key that could have been used to shut down the organization as early as September of last year. They, on the other hand, opted to wait out for whatever reason, only to discover that the Happy Blog had gone down on its own accord.

However, it only lasted a short period of time until the group reappeared. So it’s possible that the government did, after all, decide to carry out a takedown. Other rumors, according to Bleeping Computer, imply that a rebellion is developing, with a former group member who did not participate in the resurfacing possibly mounting a coup.

In any case, it’s a triumph for the IT sector as well as the cyber-aware public. Allowing for the possibility that this may be their last appearance, In addition, as is often the case, use this as a reminder to keep your cybersecurity expertise current. Hackers are all around us, and they aren’t known for taking it easy on us.

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