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Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons review

To put it simply, Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons is not just a fun game it’s simple to understand and play! There are a handful of family-friendly games out there, and they’ve always had one thing in common: They’re not made to be simple. This game, above all things, is beautiful. With the Minecraft brand, Microsoft is taking a leap into the realm of gaming, while also teaching gamers complex concepts like tactics and strategy in an easy-to-understand manner.

A Different Genre

Mojang Studios has done some interesting things with the genre in Minecraft Dungeons, but that’s just half of the narrative. For those who haven’t had a chance to play Minecraft in a while, this is just what you’ve been looking for. During combat, there are mushrooms that produce musical notes and strong bows with arrows that send their victims soaring into the air.

Although the plot is poor, it is endearing. This “illager” is doing chaos on good people and good land, and your brave band of adventurers must battle your way through all of his minions until they ultimately come face-to-face with him and stop his reign of terror. Only getting through it will take 10 to 15 hours for even the most dedicated explorer, but that’s just the beginning. It’s possible to acquire a more tough difficulty setting after completing the game on the basic hard setting, and you may further change the difficulty of each individual level in order to improve enemy drops. In Minecraft Dungeons, the treasure is the key since there are no character classes and just a few methods to customize your avatar. Only by changing their character’s armor and weaponry can players alter their character’s overall appearance. I’d love to see Mojang include a character customization screen in the future, but there are enough basic appearances for the heroes that everyone should be able to choose one that they like.

Minecraft Dungeons - Minecraft

Preparing For Battle

All of your character’s slots may be used for various types of weapons or armor, as well as artifacts that enhance your powers. Enchantment points may be spent to choose secondary effects for your weapons and armor from a predetermined list of options.

That weapon may either aid deal with mobs by erupting a cloud of poison gas or enhance your chances of finding gems by killing adversaries. Each enchantment choice has three degrees of power, so picking your gear and then enchanting it is how you construct your characters..”

However, enchantment points may be recovered from previous weapons so that they can be used in a new weapon; this is not a permanent choice. In most situations, the weapons or gear you recover to reclaim those points are gone for good, although the new gear is issued so often that it won’t seem like a loss for long. Even inexperienced players will be able to handle these kinds of choices since they’ve spent so much time playing the game. These little deviations from the norm in a dungeon-crawler fulfill the needs of a family-friendly brawler rather well. For the most part, you’re out of luck if you wind up hating your character class choice in the early goings of a game like this. Minecraft Dungeons, on the other hand, does not require the player to make a life-or-death character construction option.

Minecraft Dungeons - Minecraft

Even For Kids

I enjoyed seeing young children are learning the fundamentals of dungeon crawling, such as crowd management and area-of-effect attacks, despite the game’s many simplifications. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to play a game with my relatives and teach “kiting” to children at the same time. Elegance in this form is unparalleled. Also’s not simply a fun game, but it sets the stage for more complicated concepts in the genre. This allows players to play around with their character’s build a little bit, testing with various weapons and artifacts to see what works best for their character, whether it’s healing the group or cutting through the game alone. Finding out how to utilize each of the abilities is only the beginning of the process. Enchanting your weapons and equipment is a task that kept me interested while examining Minecraft Dungeons with young kids during our time together. We established a routine: Everyone waited until the conclusion of each level to inspect their new stuff. After returning to camp, we go over what we uncovered and the probable enchantments, decide what everyone should do, and imagine how our characters might battle together.

Minecraft Dungeons - Minecraft

Simple Gameplay

The principles are basic, but the quantity of gear, the combinations of enchantments, and understanding the best methods to put it all together will keep things fresh for a long time. As opposed to creating buildings and surroundings in their original form, Minecraft Dungeons focuses on developing a character. For the most part, you’ll still be able to express yourself creatively, but you’ll be able to do it via your character’s unique equipment choices.

Without sacrificing their natural tension or strategic flexibility, other systems are equally as simplistic. There is a cooldown period on each player’s healing potion, which prevents players from overusing it. When a piece of equipment is dropped, it’s saved for a certain player, so kids won’t have to argue over who gets the final piece of equipment. When it comes to single-use things such as bread or arrows, the team has to decide who gets what based on how much they need it against how much they don’t.

Although the gameplay is simple, that doesn’t imply it’s dull. The term “simple” maybe a poor choice of words. Minecraft Dungeons may seem to be a simplified version of more “mature” games, but that approach doesn’t detract from the gameplay in any way, shape, or form. In spite of the fact that the game is simple to pick up and play, players will still need to master the complexities of huge groups of adversaries, the need for teamwork, how to plan character builds, and how to carry out each boss character’s plot with skill and accuracy.

Minecraft Dungeons - Minecraft

Play With Friends

Even though the death mechanisms are rather basic, they do a good job of building suspense. Only one of a team’s members may be restored, whereas a total wipe implies that all members of a team lose their lives. Once they’re all gone, you’ll be returned back to the camp with all of your loot intact… except that you’ll have to complete the job all over again.

For whatever reason, I expected to breeze through this game without much thought and had to change my mindset a few hours in. Modern game design often assumes that “simple” equals “easy,” despite the fact that this is not always the case. My group and I were often sent back to the village without completing the assignment.

We already know that additional dungeons are on the coming, and Mojang has many possibilities for expanding Minecraft Dungeons if it proves to be as popular as I anticipate. As a one-time purchase of $19.99 ($29.99 with pre-ordering the next expansions and some additional cosmetic choices), this entry marks an important milestone in the spread of Minecraft into the realm of RPGs. My best recollections from the last week are the hours I spent with my children in the camp, discussing gear and building ideas before putting them to the test on the battlefield.

Even though you’re having a devastating impact on hordes of minions and bosses with all kinds of pointed weaponry, the game still feels creative and open to play, thanks to the collaboration between Microsoft and Minecraft. An unexpected magic act from a show that’s so bold in attempting something new is always welcome.

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