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Metroid Dread Review: Samus Returns in One of the Year’s Most Outstanding Games Of The Year

It's a gun that makes you feel wonderful. It was a fantastic sensation to leap. A restricted map that you progressively and gratifyingly unlock. Metroid Dread is a master of all of these skills: it can...

The Metroid video game series, developed by Nintendo, has long been renowned for its outstanding production values. While the Metroid series has had a few blunders over the course of 35 years, titles such as Super Metroid and Metroid Prime are widely acknowledged as some of the best video games ever created. Nintendo Switch owners will be pleased to know that Metroid Dread upholds the series’ strong legacy by offering one of the console’s must-have games as well as an experience that easily rates among the greatest in the series. Metroid Dread is available now on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.

Story line

Metroid Dread is technically the fifth installment in the main Metroid story, although it is not considered such. Starting after the events of Metroid Fusion, Samus Aran is taken to the planet ZDR, where seven EMMI robots have been despatched to the planet and have been unresponsive to communications from the Galactic Federation. When Samus arrives, she learns that the robots have been reprogrammed to attack and pursue the bounty hunter for an unexplained reason, prompting her to investigate more. While Metroid Fusion has some stealth components, Metroid Dread’s stealth parts are significantly more dramatic, approaching something out of a survival-horror game in their intensity and scope. They are stationed in specified regions of the map, and whenever Samus reaches one of those locations, she is pursued by the EMMI robots. This is only possible when Samus obtains the Omega Blaster upgrade, which depletes the EMMI with each usage. Until she locates it, her only option is to shrug off the EMMI with a well-timed button push. Otherwise, if she is apprehended, the game is over.

Metroid Dread - Super Metroid

Heart BPM

I was reminded a lot of the Crimson Heads from Capcom’s Resident Evil remake when playing through the EMMI throughout my gameplay. In addition, both are exceedingly tough to kill since they can track the player across numerous rooms. My heart was pounding in my chest at all times throughout the EMMI parts of the game, which proved to be a fitting term for this kind of game. I found myself both enjoying and dreading the EMMI parts of the game at the same time. To be completely honest, I didn’t think much of the robots when they were originally introduced at E3, but they have rapidly established themselves as some of the most iconic antagonists in the series. Because of the intensity of these battles, it was quite exciting each time one of the robots was rendered permanently inoperable by the player.

Metroid Dread - Metroid Fusion

Interconected game

While the EMMI represents a significant departure from prior Metroid games, the remainder of Metroid Dread should be recognizable to aficionados of the series. With the 2D sidescroller, players are tasked with navigating interconnected areas of the globe and uncovering new regions as they discover new improvements. This may often lead the player to lose sight of where they should be going next, however, the game’s map is very useful in informing players of which locations still contain mysteries and which power-ups must be utilized in order to continue further.

Metroid Dread - Metroid Fusion

Amazing feeling

That Metroid Dread expands on the basic Metroid premise is what is most amazing about it; the result is a game that feels familiar while never feeling stale or cliched. While playing Metroid Dread brought back memories of my childhood days spent in my parents’ basement playing Super Metroid, creator MercurySteam did not rely on that nostalgia to market the game to the public. In Dread, there are enough new concepts to keep it feeling fresh, and the game makes use of the fact that it is being played on some of Nintendo’s most powerful hardware to date. The surroundings of the game, in particular, are breathtaking. It was enough to make me happy to be in Burenia to witness the rainfall and the waves smashing near the entrance to the island. It brought back memories of the first time I visited Phendrana Drifts in Metroid Prime, which was a thrilling experience.

Metroid Dread - Metroid Fusion


However, despite the fact that Metroid Dread is a really pleasant game, several aspects of it pose a substantial difficulty, notably the game’s boss battles. The game’s difficulty, on the other hand, never seems unjust. As a matter of fact, the game is highly forgiving, providing a large number of safe places, and when players die during a boss battle, they are deposited outside the door they just entered, rather than where they last saved. While boss fights have a rhythm, after players have figured out the proper technique, they will begin to move farther and further away from the opponent, eventually defeating him. This results in an incredible feeling of success for everyone involved.

Metroid Dread - Metroid

A game with history

Metroid Dread had a huge task ahead of it since it was the first entirely original 2D Metroid game in 19 years, and it had a lot to live up to. To its credit, the game more than lived up to its promise in a spectacular fashion. The release of Metroid Dread has exceeded my expectations as a long-time fan of the game. The type of game that had me saying to myself, “just five more minutes,” even at 2 a.m., “just five more minutes,” when the clock had already struck two. Super Metroid is widely regarded as one of the finest video games ever created, with many considering it to be the best ever. If Metroid Dread manages to outperform its predecessor, it will be up to the players to decide, but there is no question in my opinion that it deserves to be regarded as one of the franchise’s finest titles. It features various tough components, which may deter some gamers from participating. Those that persevere, on the other hand, will be rewarded with one of the most memorable gaming experiences of the year.

Metroid Dread - Metroid: Samus Returns
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