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Football Manager 2022 Review

Shockingly complex and addicting football management games have been created by Sports Interactive. When it comes to Football Manager, the developer has been working on it for a long time and it keeps getting better each year. Football Manager, on the other hand, tends to focus on refinement rather than revolution, bringing a slew of clever and incremental changes in each new release to create an overall experience that is considerably enhanced.

Notable changes

Football Manager 2022 by Sports Interactive achieves a similar goal. There are a few notable changes in the latest installment of the long-running series, but by and large, it shines in how it makes subtle, focused adjustments in every aspect of the game to polish and enrich it even more.

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During a game, for example, you may change tactics on the run and deploy different strategies. In Football Manager 2022, the match engine has been totally reworked, and with 3D models being able to move over a 3D plane, the motions are much more fluid and lifelike. From smoother pivots to less abrupt acceleration to curved runs, the player movement seems more fluid, which in turn makes matches more exciting to watch. It goes without saying that you won’t be sitting in front of your computer screen doing nothing while your players are out on the field. Football Manager’s main activity has always been reacting to game events and adjusting tactics on the fly to gain an advantage over your opponent, and in FM 2022, that activity seems even more engaging than ever. There are several approaches to achieve this goal, including a total overhaul of the pressing mechanism. While previous years’ games determined whether or not your side was pressing and pressing successfully by making binary decisions, in Football Manager 2022, pressing against opponents is a far more complex procedure.

Football Manager 2021 - Football Manager 2022

Strengths and weaknesses of players

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding your pressing tactics, from the positioning of your players to the particular strengths and weaknesses of the opposition players to deciding where you’re prepared to leave gaps as you seek to win the ball back and much, much more. Because your full-backs are running out of endurance or the opposition team changes formation, the instructions you’ve given your squad for pressing need to be regularly monitored and revised.

Antoine Griezmann - Football Manager 2022

The Data Hub

The Data Hub is another great feature of Football Manager 2022. Every Football Manager game has a torrent of facts and charts and graphs and heat maps and what have you and looking over that information as you modify your team’s tactics or training or target areas for development plays a significant part in the experience. All of everything is brought together in a single hub, which is bursting at the seams with data that can be analyzed. Anyone who’s ever wondered why their team’s management isn’t able to accomplish the simplest things correctly will find the Data Hub to be a fascinating place to begin their exploration of their team’s performance and advancement. If you’re looking for a way to make a real difference, the Data Hub is the best place to start. As an example, if your build-up play is choppy because your ball retention is weak and you continuously losing control in the midfield, a competent ball-winning defensive midfielder could be a good addition to your team. A powerful feeling comes from knowing you can dive into that overflowing pool of data and discover where you’re weak, and then make targeted adjustments in order to improve in that particular area.

Football Manager 2022 - Sports Interactive


Some major enhancements have been made to transfers as well. There are fewer opportunities in Football Manager 2022 for players to be tricked into believing that they are being paid a huge sum of money thanks to clever budget changes, quick player sales, and transfer fee structures rich with possible add-ons.

Ransford-Yeboah Königsdörffer - Football Manager 2022

Manage resources

Starting with your financial resources, you may find that your ability to shop around in the transfer market is severely limited. You can no longer sell undesirable players for a fast buck because if you are trying to sell off an elderly player, or someone who hasn’t played much lately or is in a terrible run of form, you won’t get a lot of bids, and the ones you do get are not going to be mouth-watering by any means. After you’ve had contact with an agent, the game now requires you to either declare your interest in the player or let the agent know that you’re not interested. This is a big improvement over the previous system, which only allowed you to get information on what a player’s club was looking for in terms of a transfer fee. These activities, as you would expect, require you to operate in a certain manner in the transfer market. Football Manager 2022 has room for development, but there is no doubt about it. This year’s games have the same annoying media and player interaction features that have plagued the brand for years. They still seem a little disjointed, have little effect and become tediously repetitious in a short period of time. In addition to continuous emails from your scouting team or load reports that seldom have anything fresh or interesting to say, repetition is a problem that sneaks up in numerous little ways. Even if Football Manager 2022 has a similar loading problem to its predecessors (and sometimes even takes longer than necessary to bounce between days or events), it still has a lot to live up to. A common problem for the series is not a new one but one that should be solved in the near future.

Football Manager 2022 - Football Manager 2021

Football Manager 2022 Conclusion

Football Manager 2022, on the whole, is a resounding success. There are few franchises today that continuously make major changes year after year, but FM is one of the few. The latest installment in Sports Interactive’s popular series offers – once again – its richest, most subtle, and most addicting iteration yet.

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