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Epic Games: Fortnite will not be returning to Apple anytime soon.

During the course of the legal fight with the firm, Apple claims Epic will be restricted from selling its games on its platform.

Epic’s Tim Sweeney stated on Twitter today exactly how significant of an “L” the company received in its recent trial against Apple. For the time being, Apple has essentially “banned” Fortnite from all of its devices until the legal battle between the two enormous firms is resolved, which could take up to five years. When measured in Peely years, it’s much more time-consuming.

A copy of the letter Epic had received from Apple, ss which confirmed that Epic’s Apple developer account would not be reactivated and that Epic would not be allowed to seek reinstatement until “the court’s judgment becomes permanent and unappealable,” was uploaded on Twitter by Sweny. According to Sweeney, this may take up to five years, and he also alleges that Apple is reversing its former stance, which was communicated both in court and in the public. Because Epic is presently attempting to get the judgment reversed, I believe that Apple’s reluctance to let the company back into the platform makes perfect sense in this case.

This letter serves as a reminder of the reality of this trial, in which both Epic and Apple were soundly defeated. In order to get Fortnite back in the store, there was no court order, and Apple lost its right to prohibit purchases made outside of its ecosystem. Both large businesses were defeated, and all other creators will enjoy the benefits of Epic’s arrogance as a result of their actions.

To summarize this whole, crazy scenario, Apple terminated Epic Games‘ developer account last year after a Fortnite update enabled gamers to circumvent the Apple ecosystem in order to make in-app payments. As a result of this stratagem, Epic was able to avoid paying Apple its regular 30 percent share of in-app purchase revenues. Epic then filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the company’s withdrawal from Apple’s platforms was anti-competitive and unjust. Apple responded quickly with a countersuit, alleging that Epic had breached its contract with the company. Afterward, a really stupid trial and two own goals by the tech titans set the stage for the rest of the story.

Sure, some people are disappointed that they will not be able to play Fortnite on their iPhones, and that is a disappointment for them, but that does little to diminish the pleasure that comes from watching companies make a public mess of things, and even less to diminish the benefits that will accrue to other developers as a result of this. As a result, I can only hope that this wonderful schadenfreude train continues for a little while longer, as these two organizations publicly slap themselves in the face in the name of all other app creators.

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