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Borderlands 2 Review

Craziest of all the Borderlands sequels. I know you haven't played this game from 2K, but that's why I'm writing this Borderlands 2 review to encourage you. You won't regret it if you continue reading!

Such a brilliant game

There were many elements that made Borderlands 2 such a brilliant game, here is our Borderlands 2 review, when it was released a few years ago, such as the hardscrabble planet, the crazy people, the aggressive monsters, the different quests, the abundance of riches, and the formidable skill trees.

The novelty has worn off in Borderlands 2, but everything else is better than ever. This follow-up builds on the original’s strengths while also addressing some of its flaws, enhancing the tried-and-true concept while also giving many hours of engrossing gameplay.

Borderlands 2 Review 2021

The new characters

The most noticeable change is that Pandora now has a vivid, alive feel about it. In the past, the planet was home to wild men and ferocious monsters, but now it’s just another frontier world occupied by the same. Thanks to a larger cast of interesting and amusing folks, it isn’t as lonely as it used to be. Claptrap, the deluded robot, returns, as do Scooter, the hayseed mechanic, and Moxxi, the bawdy vixen. This time around, there are four playable characters from the first game, and each one has a significant part in the tale (and has way more spoken lines than ever before). Handsome Jack, the arrogant antagonist, and Tiny Tina, the young demolitionist, are among the new characters. Aside from the bandits you kill, everyone in town has something to say now because they’re no longer pleased with quiet or monosyllabic answers.

Borderlands 2 Review 2021

Memorable Scenes

A terrific script gives some truly angry outbursts and unexpectedly memorable scenes among the avalanche of laugh-out-loud humorous lines necessary to bring this universe to life. For the first time in its history, Pandora is alive and captivating because of the wide range of characters that you encounter. Conversations might often be interrupted by other incoming messages before you have a chance to finish reading them. You won’t be inhibited by this, but with conversation this amazing, you don’t want to miss a single piece.

Borderlands 2 Review 2021

Awesome Landscape

Borderlands 2 will keep you occupied for a long time if this attitude is applied to exploring. More bright and diversified locations, as well as a richer color palette, have been added to Pandora’s visual appeal this time around. With a comprehensive range of graphic options, you can enjoy these components while still keeping your framerate in the ideal range for gameplay. The comedy in the literature is carried over into the architecture of the landscape, so ardent explorers will come across both beautiful views and hilarious sights.

Borderlands 2 Review 2021

Explore the journey

You’ll be able to explore a wide variety of locations along your journey, some of which you won’t even see if you follow the main plotline. Small changes to the mission system may have a big effect. Even if you’re not presently in the middle of a task, the onscreen checklist informs you of whatever progress you’ve made on other missions as a result of your current activities. For those who don’t want to waste time scrolling through relics, there is an option to “ignore” tasks in the menu. Even while it isn’t required to complete all of the side objectives, you should plan on completing a decent amount of them in order to keep up with your adversaries. These undertakings, such as a logic problem to determine which of four robbers defrauded the others and the ridiculously easy assignment named “Shoot This Guy in the Face,” are excellent sources of inspiration and amusement.

Borderlands 2 Review 2021


Additionally, there is a wide range of difficulties to overcome. Goals like killing a specific amount of skags or obtaining a lot of incendiary kills are automatically monitored and rewarded. In order to get the most out of your exploration, new location-specific challenges offer you an additional motivation to locate hidden mysteries in each region. Badass ranks are earned through completing challenges and gaining tiny enhancements to different qualities (such as gun damage, firing rate, and shield recharge delay) that apply to any character you create, not just the one you’re playing at the time. There aren’t many huge changes to the game, but the inclusion of cross-character benefits and tweaking tasks is a welcome awareness of the reality that many people desire to play as numerous characters.” It’s one of the numerous tiny tweaks that make Borderlands 2 a more enjoyable experience for players than the original.

Borderlands 2 Review 2021


Loot is a big element of the Borderlands formula, and Borderlands 2 does not fail in this regard. It is possible to increase your battle efficiency by using a variety of various items. After all, there are so many different kinds of loot to choose from that building, and upgrading your arsenal with them is still a very rewarding experience, thanks to the increased frequency of strange traits and bonuses. Inventory rubbish-marking is a good improvement that makes selling to vending machines easier, but marking products as garbage upon pickup would have made it even better. With a keyboard and mouse, the inventory panel seems geared for a controller, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t have a problem navigating rapidly. With the addition of automated pick-up of cash, health, and ammunition off the ground (there are a few exceptions), you may now spend less time gazing down and more time-fighting.


There is nothing better than employing fresh and exciting weapons against hordes of enemies. When given the chance, your enemies will put up a decent fight whether they are human, animal, or somewhere in between; given the opportunity, many different species will gladly engage in combat. A goliath bandit that flips out when you blast off his helmet and begins slaughtering things around is one of the new opponent types in the game. Having him stomp on his comrades is funny and beneficial, but the more he kills, the more strong he becomes. Additionally, there are new enemies to contend with, such as the scurrying stalkers that can temporarily disappear, and the massive, crystalize-like beasts with crystal-encased shins. Despite the introduction of new enemies, fighting stays mostly unchanged. The fight-to-the-death moment may save your life if you manage to achieve a kill as you bleed out if you score critical strikes and do the correct sort of elemental damage. With the exception of slag, the gameplay has remained mostly intact from the original game. Many conditions call for the use of Slag, an element that undermines opponent defenses and enhances damage from other elements.

Battle Strategies

It is also necessary for the four new characters to learn new battle strategies, some of which are more interesting than others. Silencers are better than gunzerkers when it comes to locking up their enemies in floating prisons. There are definite advantages to both, but gunzerking stands out since it is the sole ability that doesn’t give anything new to the fundamental gunplay. Commando turrets and assassin decoys may be used to deflect attention away from your target, while the assassin’s trickery helps you avoid detection while positioning yourself for a devastating shot or melee blow.

Power Up

You may tailor each of these powers significantly via the three separate skill trees, increasing replayability even if you choose to play as the same character again and again. Borderlands 2’s weapon proficiencies have been removed, reducing the incentive for players to remain with one or two weapons for the whole game. Loot items like clothing colors and heads are now available, and the menu allows you to really see how your character’s look will change. True Vault Hunter Mode, which scales to your level and introduces a slew of new enemies, is the only way to get to the 50-level ceiling.

Enjoy With Your Friends

It’s a long game, but it’s much better when you play it with your friends. It is still possible to play online games with up to four players of any class. With a little indicator that indicates how well you’re matched with possible players, you’ll be best served by playing with someone of a similar level. There is a new feature in Borderlands 2 that allows players to bypass later tasks when they reach them on their own, which helps to reduce the amount of time spent playing online games. This game’s cooperative mode is the ideal method to have fun because of the new item trading concept, the stronger adversaries, the higher prizes, and the camaraderie of the battlefield.

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