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Arena Of Kings Review

Arena Of Kings is a pure PVP game without the grinding part. At the moment you have a 3v3 match-up in which you have to destroy the other team. Matchmaking that may be personalized (solo, duo, and trio queue supported).

Explore MMORPG-style arena PvP to the fullest extent possible. Get ready to fight to the death in 3v3 arena combat by creating your own hero and customizing your spells! There is no barrier to entrance, so you and your friends may join our world at any time.

The game is based on the coordination of the players and the composition of the team but not only. The style of play also matters a lot.

From what I played the items do not make such a big difference in the game. Of course, they bring a small advantage but it is not something very important and a decisive factor in the players’ fight

You can choose from 10 types of classes. Each with advantages and disadvantages and also separate skills.

In addition, there are more than 150 spells and abilities in the game! Your 8-slot Spell Bar may be customized to your taste. Battles are always a new adventure!

The graphics are minimal but not annoying to the eye. Given the purpose and purpose of the game, the graphics are not very relevant.

Instead, the emphasis is on mechanics and the creation of a system to develop all kinds of mechanics between players

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Arena Of Kings List Characters


In Arena of Kings, the Assassin class is available. Assassins are experts of Stealth and can use blasts of Energy to annihilate their prey. Deceive and evade your adversaries by using clever strategies to sneak into or out of combat. When the tide of battle is in your favor, take advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses. Attack, control, and evasion are the keys to obliterating your foes in your path.


In Arena of Kings, the Champion class is one of the available options. Assaulting opponents in a close battle, champions use their strong Warcries to defend their teammates. Using Plate armor and a gigantic two-handed sword, any attacker within striking reach will be promptly decapitated. Attempting to take on a Champion head-on would be unwise.

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Arena of Kings has a class called Elder. A person’s age is an indication of their level of nature magic. The Elder is mostly a healer, but he can also summon Windstorms to protect his comrades from dangerous foes. When in peril, Shapeshift into a Spirit Wolf or Bear, which are very difficult to capture in any Arena.

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Arena of Kings has a class called Lich. Cultists of Shadow magic and Poisonous necromancy are known as Liches. Watch as your foes succumb to your terrible Torment and fade into oblivion. A Lich may slowly drain the life out of a whole opponent team via the use of curses and other debuffs. Using dark magic in return for immense power may cause you to inflict greater harm, leaving you even more susceptible in the Arena.

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Arena of Kings’ Mystic class is one of the available options. A mystic is a prophetic seer who uses spiritual rites and connections with the supernatural to control the strands of the world. It is common for Mystics to wear just Cloth to conduct Healing Vision and Temporal Barrier conjuration. Create a Blackout, evoking images of chaos in your opponents’ thoughts, which will keep them from engaging in a fight.

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A nihilist is a class in Arena of Kings that may be unlocked. Nihilists are power-hungry force users who are enthralled by the corrupted orb they carry, which provides them with a steady supply of Mana. Use Orbs to help your teammates change the course of combat in the Arena. Dark energy may be used to help your friends or to steal from your opponents.

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Arena of Kings has a class called the Paladin. With the help of the Holy Spirit, paladins are fervent defenders of the faith. To protect your teammates, you may cast Divine powers or unleash a barrage of rage on your enemies, armed with an impressive shield and Plate armor. Heaven’s Wrath may be summoned at any time, and your opponents will be vanquished by the Burning Retribution.

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In Arena of Kings, the Ranger class is available. It is not uncommon for a ranger to use an array of Status Ailments on their arrows. Using arrows fired from a larger distance, you may inflict significant damage on your adversaries while they’re still alive. Rain Arrows may be unleashed at any moment and from any location thanks to the Ranger’s mobility and agility.

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Arena of Kings has a class called Scholar. Scholars are devotees of Nosrevi, one of the Old Gods, and devotees and scholars of the religion. The Truth-seekers read Gospels, granting significant global Buffs to friends in the Arena. Scholars use specialized Crowd Control and utility spells instead of sheer force to make their Gods’ presence known in the Arena.

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Arena of Kings has a Wizard class. Mastery in the arcane arts is a requirement for wizards, who are trained in Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Arcane magic. In a split second, a Wizard may change an entire battle’s outcome by manipulating different combinations of the elements. With the use of Teleportation, fires, ice, or lightning strikes, a Wizard may overwhelm his or her adversaries in a variety of different ways.

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