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Apex Legends Review

Many companies have tried their own take on the battle royale sub-genre after PUBG’s mainstream success, ranging from just replicating PUBG and hoping for the best to incorporating components like crafting and building systems directly from survival games.

Awesome comunity

At this moment, many of those games have faded away, but passionate and active communities have formed around the finest of what this sub-genre has to offer in the midst of it. But only a few days ago, Respawn Entertainment shook up the battle royale environment with the introduction of a new competitor that has the potential to be really spectacular.

Apex Legends - Titanfall

Legends characters

Three-person teams of 60 players each compete in Apex matches. Upon entering a match, each member of the team is given the opportunity to choose a legend. Squads, on the other hand, may only utilize one legend at a time. In this case, the only option is to choose another one if you have a preference for a specific legend and it has already been chosen. Those times might be frustrating, but I believe they can also be a catalyst for experimenting.

Apex Legends’ gameplay isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s not a bad game either. As with many other battle royale games, this one pulls from the best of what’s out there while also improving and enhancing the gameplay. Apex, on the other hand, adds a distinct cast of characters known as “legends,” each with their own set of special skills. With its hero shooter approach to battle royale and squad-focused gameplay, it genuinely stands out from its competitors.

Apex Legends - Titanfall 2

Match up structure

My time with Apex allowed me to play with every legend on the roster, from Mirage’s holograms to Wraith’s ability to slide into and out of reality. Experimenting with a variety of team picks resulted in fascinating combinations of skills that might possibly vary up strategy from match to match.

For example, Gibraltar shields Lifeline as she picks up another teammate while Bloodhound utilizes their tactical skills to uncover foes with a smoke bomb was thrown down by Bangalore (while still concealed in the smoke). If I have any gripes thus far, it’s that two characters are trapped behind a needless grind and barrier.

Players who invested in either Mirage or Caustic had an edge over others in Apex’s early days, I couldn’t help but believe. In general, Mirage’s holographic ability completely confuses rookie gamers. Every time I saw a Mirage player on the first day of Apex, I succumbed to the holographic techniques they were doing.

Apex Legends - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege


Paywalls in free-to-play games are nitpicky, but I have worries about how this strategy may provide those who are ready to pay for new legends a temporary, but clear advantage. How may things change if Mirage and Caustic serve as models for the introduction of new legends when the roster of legends has possibly more than doubled?

Is the paywall for these fictitious legends going to be the same? Imagine if you had to play as one of those six original characters as a newbie. Veterans or those who are prepared to pay for legends will have an advantage over beginners when it comes to legend picking. Of course, all of this is just hypothetical, as I’ve already said. However, I think Respawn can prevent this by making once-premium legends accessible for free in subsequent seasons (if they choose to introduce more with the same system).

Apex Legends - Titanfall

Customize your weapon!

The finest gunplay I’ve experienced in any battle royale game, legends and all, is in Apex. It’s possible to customize any weapon with a multitude of attachments that may be acquired across the game’s vast landscape. These include anything from scopes and sights to barrels and stocks. As the last point, though, all of the weapons are quite enjoyable to use. It was the Prowler sub-machine gun with a select-fire receiver and a decent extended magazine that became my go-to weapon of choice.

It’s perhaps the least shocking feature of Apex given that Respawn is made up of a lot of former Infinity Ward personnel. Titanfall 2’s mobility has been significantly reduced compared to Respawn’s earlier efforts. I can’t help but wonder what Titanfall’s skill-based and exhilarating mobility would have been like if it had been implemented instead of the normal sprint and slide (both of which do feel tight and responsive on either a gamepad or mouse and keyboard).

Apex Legends - Titanfall

Wall running and Titans weren’t exactly what Respawn had in mind when they first started working on the game, according to the company. It’s evident that Apex’s map was designed with a lot of care since it’s one of the greatest battle royale maps I’ve ever encountered. A wide variety of locations may be found in Apex, from swamps to a massive Thunderdome, with an abundance of elevation and interior places to explore.

This is made possible by clever mechanisms like the pinging system, which allows players to work together even if they don’t have access to a microphone. With a single press of the middle mouse button (or R1 / right bumper on consoles), your teammates will be instantly aware of what you’re pointing out. Because it’s such an ingenious concept for squad-based multiplayer, I expect the pinging system to become the new norm in any future battle royale game.

Apex Legends - Titanfall 2


As previously said, Apex stands apart from other battle royale games because of its emphasis on teamwork. You’re all in this contest together from the get-go. Although solo play is feasible, it is not a recommended manner of gaming. In order to get the most out of your Legendary skills, you need to collaborate with your teammates, and new ideas like the respawn mechanism only push you to do so.

Your squad’s flag can only be picked up after it’s been slain, and you have a limited window in which you may try to revive your dead teammates. It’s possible to find certain respawn sites across the map if you have their flag. You may be giving away your position by doing so, though, since they respawn in a very noisy and visible dropship. When you’re in the last seconds, bringing back your team might prove to be a crucial role in the outcome.

Apex Legends - Titanfall

I’m still hoping for a solo mode, although I can see why it wouldn’t be included right now considering the lack of legends. However, I believe it will be a significant feature in the future. Currently, Apex’s most pressing flaws are ones that can be addressed in future updates. During peak traffic times (like weekends), there are frequent connection difficulties and significant slowness spikes. With the exception of it, the game runs really well. Since this was a surprise release with no public beta testing, I didn’t encounter any big issues or hitches of any type.

Finally, I’m eager to see what Respawn has in store for the future. Apex Legends, despite its lack of content, has become my new favorite battle royale game after more than a week of playing. Unlike other battle royales, I never feel like I’ve been sunk by a swift defeat in this one, and the ability to play with a new legend keeps me coming back for more.

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