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A review of Arcane Act 1 of Netflix’s League of Legends spin-off, Arcane

League of Legends Arcane is set in a kaleidoscope of distinct fantasy and sci-fi settings, where famous League champions might be sneaky ninjas one second and worldwide pop idols the next, so you might be as startled as I was when I discovered this. To see a fascinating political drama about two cities on the verge of war in a location like this would be a surprise. Emotional character development doesn’t appear to be a natural fit for League’s oversized heroes. Arcane’s amazing, hand-painted look is part of what makes it so wonderful, but this is also part of what makes it magical. It goes against the grain.

You can watch it even you don’t play league of legends

There’s nothing wrong with watching Arcane even if you don’t like the game League of Legends. In comparison to, for example, Netflix’s The Witcher, it’s not nearly as bogged down by convoluted mythology or time-traveling hijinks. That’s because Arcane isn’t about the champions of League of Legends, but rather the people they used to be before they became champions. Arcane’s origin story is a lot like Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins in this regard. It’s also a lot better than the previous version. This isn’t your typical superhero movie; it has big combat sequences with chemical mutations and reality-shattering magic, but there’s something human about it that makes it extremely engaging.

Silco - Episode


The Netflix series is separated into three acts, each of which has three separate episodes. The first act aired today, November 6, and the remainder will run on Saturdays until November 20. It’s going to be a wild ride if the first act is any clue.

Silco - League of Legends

When it comes to your loved ones, you can’

Vi and Powder are two sisters who live in a desolate ghetto on the outskirts of Piltover, a shining and rich metropolis. For both aristocrats and academics, Piltover is a scientific hotspot. It’s true that the city has a gloomy side—literally speaking. The Undercity, a toxic wasteland populated by criminals, vagrants, and the garbage of Piltover, lies on the opposite side of a large river.

JB Blanc - Arcane


Piltover’s haves and the Undercity’s have-nots aren’t simply two sides of the same coin when it comes to violence. Episode 1 begins with Vi and her younger sister finding the bodies of their parents buried under the rubble of Piltover’s police department after a violent street battle. That sequence sets the tone for the rest of the series.

Episode - Netflix


Arcane’s pace is one of the many things I like about it. Immediately after that bleak prologue, Vi, Powder, and two other orphans slip into Piltover to plan an audacious robbery. When Vi and Powder’s adoptive family is threatened, the whole city of Piltover and the Undercity is thrown into turmoil as a result. With the debut of Jayce, Viktor, and a number of other renowned League champions in episode 2, Arcane’s reach expands significantly. These two Piltover professors, enthralled by their own ideals and aspirations, are attempting to use science to control the forces of magic. As a result of this, Piltover’s mayor, Heimdinger (a small, Ewok-like creature who wears a monocle), isn’t happy about it at first.

Arcane - Forza Horizon 5


There’s more to Arcane than simply two street rats trying to make it in a terrible world, as the story’s breadth expands. Intricate character portraits of Vi and Powder, enormous high-fantasy political dramas, and filthy cops-and-robbers criminal thrillers are all seamlessly woven into this multilayered novel. It all culminates in a climax that is both terrifying and intense.

Arcane’s characters are the driving force for the show’s success in the third episode, which I won’t go into detail about for fear of revealing anything. As much as Vi and Powder attempt to steal the show, I was startled by how much I cared about Arcane’s supporting cast, particularly Vander. Like many other father figures before him, he’s starting to crack under the weight of the responsibilities he feels for his city, as well as his adoptive children, Vi and Powder. Vander’s past and motives are explored so thoroughly in Arcane that you can’t help but care about him. So, even though I was able to foresee some disasters, it didn’t diminish the impact such moments had on me emotionally.

Arcane - League of Legends

An Awesome Animation

Although Arcane may not resonate with you on an emotional level, I recommend you to view it for its stunning animation alone. I’ve seen several beautiful videos from Riot’s collaboration with French animation company Fortiche, but Arcane is on a level that I’ve only seen in big-budget Dreamworks or Pixar films before. In the neon greens of the Undercity, the lighting is masterfully used to produce startling contrasts in the hand-painted art. In addition, the expressiveness of the characters’ 3D models helps sell the tragic situations. Arcane is just so aesthetically pleasing. No two scenes are the same, and no two characters are created in the same way. Putting the plot aside, Arcane is a stunning example of computer-generated animation. It’s also a joy to see. Vi, Powder, and two of their pals are lured into a nasty street brawl by three competing street kids in an early scene. With slow-motion closeups of knuckles cracking noses and face contorting humorously, this is a crazy battle. Moreover, it serves as a prologue to more intensive, high-risk matches in the future.

Arcane - League of Legends


Arcane has a lot going for it, from the combat to Vi and Powder’s bonding to the soaring tension after their botched robbery. Piltover and the Undercity had a tense relationship, although it was not always apparent why. As long as there are six more episodes to go in this series and plenty of time to further explore these characters, this is a minor issue.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to it. It’s rare for a fantasy or science fiction series to pull off what Arcane does so well in its opening act. When we are introduced to a new, complicated environment, it manages to keep our attention on the individuals who make that world worthwhile. Arcane’s first three episodes are fantastic for lovers of League of Legends.

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