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Rust Review

I've never played a game that makes greater use of voice chat than Rust. On the world's tiniest island, you're naked and lonesome. Rather than rely on a storyteller or an announcer, you are left to your own devices as you futilely thrash your rock against the next pine tree

Football Manager 2022 Review

Football Manager, on the other hand, tends to focus on refinement rather than revolution, bringing a slew of clever and incremental changes in each new release to create an overall experience that is considerably enhanced.

PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS Review

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds transformed the last-person-standing formula that has made it one of the most phenomenally popular PC games in history.

Dota 2 Review

Dota 2 is a unique experience. To improve Steam's appeal in regions where it hadn't yet achieved the ubiquity experienced in Europe and North America

Most Popular PC Games Right Now On Steam Worldwide

Below, you can find the Top 10 Most Popular PC Games on Steam worldwide right now on steam, ranked by Monthly Active Users (MAU).

A review of Arcane Act 1 of Netflix’s League of Legends spin-off, Arcane

League of Legends Arcane is set in a kaleidoscope of distinct fantasy and sci-fi settings, where famous League champions might be sneaky ninjas one second and worldwide pop idols the next, so you might be as startled as I was when I discovered this.

League of Legends arcane champions

League of Legends Arcane has featured nine different League champions in its first three episodes, all of them have appeared in some capacity, whether as a prominent character or a cameo.

Path of exile character customization

In Path of Exile, characters may be created using the character creation screen after logging in. There are a variety of leagues in which a character may exist. Starting out in the current standard challenge league is recommended

Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

Red Dead Redemption 2 ranks with GTA V. A beautiful, polished, and fun-to-play picture of a horrible era that is patient, polished, and Rockstar's greatest narrative to yet

Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons review

To put it simply, Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons is not just a fun game it's simple to understand and play! There are a handful...
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